Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 2nd Presidential Debate: Time for a Change?

In the second of this election year's three scheduled presidential debates, once again, Obama far outclassed McCain and demonstrated his superior temperament and self-discipline for the office of the President.  McCain looked and acted like the same wiseguy he's reputed to have been in high school and college ... but with a combover.

Nevertheless, I am beginning to get a little weary of all of the campaign rhetoric and the constant repetition of the same talking points.  Come on, you guys!  Let's talk about some real issues and educate America!

Explain what's really behind the financial meltdown we're experiencing globally.  Hint: It ain't just home mortgages.

It's the charlatans who've been allowed to run Wall Street virtually unfettered for years; it's the legislators who've forgotten the meaning of all of the zeroes following the dollar signs in their budgets and spending packages (BTW, why doesn't Washington take a crack at passing a few savings packages for a change?); it's the relatively few corporate chieftains who've come to view their salaries, bonuses, and other perqs as entitlements rather than privileges consistent with their performance; it's those (but not necessarily all) of the Forbes 400 (500, 1000, 10,000?) Richest People in America who praise the opportunities in this country only as long as their opportunities outnumber those of the middle class or less fortunate Americans.  It's all of these things and more.

America has been asleep at the wheel for 30+ years!  The "audacity of hope" was eclipsed long ago by the "reality of apathy."  People got fat, contented, and lazy ... and willingly handed over their futures to carpetbaggers because they didn't want to be responsible for themselves.  Our culture of innovation got its bones picked clean by the vulture of instant gratification -- fast food, faster cars, 24-hour entertainment, money machines, cell phones, BlackBerries, iPods, the Web ... everything bite-sized, right-sized, or super-sized, in millions of colors ... pay by credit or debit card, pay later, make no payments for a full year ... FREE, *NEW and IMPROVED*, NEW color, NEW size, NEW packaging.  But it's all really the same old crap.

You're right, Barack.  We need a change.  A change in leadership, a change in direction, a change in attitude.  And maybe a change in diapers -- we've made quite a mess of this one.

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